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“Providing housing, education, training and counseling for people in spiritual, emotional and financial need.”

Compassionate Partnerships is a 501C3 non-profit organization with a vision to help transitioning women adjust to life and faith after being in treatment centers. Our ministry is striving to one day own a transition facility where this will be possible. In the meantime, we are hosting worship events, conferences and get togethers to bring everyone together, network and raise money for the mission. To find out more about Compassionate Partnerships or what you can do to help, please visit the FAQ and Donation pages.

Executive Board Members

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The Compassionate Partnerships Executive Board’s purpose is to administer the actions, collectively decide the direction and oversee the resulting activity of the ministry. The Executive Board is also responsible for vision casting, decision making, and implementation of the programs created by the ministry, and ultimately, the recovery home. The board is tasked with insuring that the ministry complies with all rules and regulations governed by a 501C3 non-profit organization and is responsible for approving budgets and distribution of funds.

Diane Dassing, Founder and President

Click for BioIt is the primary responsibility of the President to assume the key leadership position of the Executive Board and in the community. The President conducts the business of the ministry through the Executive Board. The President oversees all of the activity, duties and responsibilities of all Executive Board positions and any team members as well as to call to order all meetings for the Executive Board and team and prepare the agenda for each meeting. The President also appoints committees as needed to study, revise, update, or prepare new publications or events, makes recommendations regarding policies and procedures and represents Compassionate Partnerships at the request of other professional associations and organizations, and, as necessary, will speak publicly on behalf of Compassionate Partnerships.

Rick Dassing, Vice-President

Photo-RickDassingThe primary responsiblity of the Vice-President is to assist the President in all phases of work in the ministry, including but not limited to meetings, events, financials and managing the Executive Board. The Vice-President also represents the President in her absence. He is present at all meetings, and it is the responsibility of the Vice-President to oversee the duties of the Executive Board and assist when appropriate and necessary. The Vice-President is responsible to meet with the President and the Treasurer to discuss all finances and concerns regarding finances, balance the books with the Treasurer and report all income and expenses.

Executive Directior (TBA)

The primary responsibility of the Executive Director is to serve as a member of the Executive Board and, in the absence of the President, to plan and chair meetings. The Executive Director also is responsible for hearing all concerns and issues which are initiated by the members of the planning team and bringing them to the Executive Board for discussion, vote and action, if necessary. The Executive Director is also responsible for the Compassionate Partnerships yearly calendar and identifying and implementing action items. As directed by the President, the Executive Director will respond as needed to administrative needs or concerns of the ministry and interact with any person, business, cooperating ministry or government body to resolve and address the needs identified by the President.

Megan Vokac, Secretary

meganvokacThe primary responsibility of the Secretary is to carry out all phases of secretarial duties for the ministry. The Secretary is responsible for recording, distributing and filing all meeting minutes as well as other records and documents relating to normal business conducted by the ministry. The Secretary is also responsible for sending out notices of meetings and proposed agendas at the direction of the President, including any necessary documents which support the agenda. The Secretary also helps to maintain and update the Compassionate Partnerships Facebook Page and website, posting blog posts, devotionals and other content on the website and gaining information from other board and team members to add when necessary.

Terry Rutherford, Treasurer

Terry RutherfordThe primary responsibilities of the Treasurer is to maintain and manage the finances of the ministry in conjunction with the Vice-President. The Treasurer is also responsible to meet with the Vice-President regarding financial matters and discuss budgets for various events that the ministry requires funds. The Treasurer also maintains and records all income and expense data into the accounting program used for the ministry and prepares reports for reporting to the Executive Board and Team members as well as for financial meetings and audits.

Team Members and Contributors

Tracy VokacApril DickersonBeth BartlettYvonne HellerSteve CaballeroRobin WojtalShelley EgelandMary MulliganRich MulliganCraig Vokacwwc-aug-12-04wwc-aug-12-06wwc-aug-12-05wwc-aug-12-17Art Rutherford

"Providing housing, education, training and counseling for people in spiritual, emotional and financial need."